“Sometimes when the front door is closed use the back or side doors for entry or escape”.

— Rose.

So yeah I am an introvert and very misunderstood. I have little to no friends because they all like to go out and be friendly but I don’t; it just takes too much energy. I like to be home eat snacks, binge watch tv and lay with my dog. Now is that so wrong! Many people confuse us with being depressed…. well in my case yes but personality wise I am truly an introvert in addition to being Aquarius. Now, because we don’t like to do what most people enjoy we get called all sorts of things like anti-social, weird, lame, stuck up, and they just don’t understand our personalities. Bless the people that understand! Anyways I’ll be back with more posts, questions, and stories. In the meantime answer this question…. Is being an introvert and going through depression the same thing?!?!

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