Introverts and jobs continued…

As promised… there are some jobs that introverts can flourish in just because there is little to no communication with people, little to no traffic and it’s just a quiet to yourself environment. The worst is being an introvert and having those social issues at work where it can affect you and even worse having that “boss” that is not aware of his surroundings. I mean I guess employers are a little more sensitive to mental health now a days but being an introvert is not a mental health condition it’s a way of being and there is nothing wrong with that so where is our break! We can’t all have the perfect life where we say at age 5 I’m going to be a librarian because I’m an introvert. These are situations we realize late in life and we are just stuff working at a busy restaurant or retail to survive. Any how.. below are some jobs that introverts can work on realistically…

Actuary– deals with the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty… Good money

Archivist– just perfect let me organize and leave me alone lol.

Artist– yes… Introverts are amazing creators why wouldn’t we be I mean we sure think alot.

Astronomer– seems far fetch but it can be done I rather deal with mother nature.

Auditor– yup let me just tell you what you’re doing right and wrong and byee

Biochemist– personally don’t like chemistry but it’s not with people right just in a lab.

Blogger– we can all do it let’s express our thoughts and start typing

Boat/ferry operator– I’ll take anywhere you want to go just don’t talk to me lol

Bus Driver– Again, good morning, good afternoon, good evening that’s it no more talkinf

Cleaner– introverts are amazing cleaners it’s a way to distress our thoughts and recharge our battery.

Data Entry Officer– again no talking just type type type

Editor– I’ll just talk to you through my red marker

Factory worker– routine, assembly line just get it done right to the point sounds like Ike my thing.

Farmhand– hard work nature and animals I can dig it.

Freelance writer– again writing feeds the soul

Gardener– nature is where it is at

Government Librarian/library assistant– Shhhhh yes I love it

Mortician– ok ok I know what you’re thinking but it’s a job and pays well and you already know… But yes it’s creepy

Pilot– fun exciting in a cabin locked yes works for me

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