Introverts and Jobs

So….. what are the perfect jobs for introverts…. Is there any? Well, coming from someone that has literally done all the jobs in the world I believe the best is to just have your own business. But realistically speaking if you can’t have your own business then what? There are introverts like myself that transform when working it’s like you have a whole other personality or altar ego that just blossoms. It’s not something that happens overnight it is something that you have to prepare your mind for. So, at night we literally have to charge our minds and body to deal with the horrid 7.5-12 hours in a day. I’m a manager so nobody would ever know that I truly feel like crawling in a big blanket during the day and hiding from the world. I smile, walk, interact and look as if the world is an array of sunshine… Yeah right! And when it comes to speaking in front of people I overthink like a car trying to start but I do it with preparation. I think that’s the key with us introverts and jobs we need preparation to charge our minds and souls. Next up… I will post the most tolerable (key word) jobs for introverts out there…

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