Remember when I asked you guys in my first blog does introversion and depression go together? Well according to different studies online they don’t. Depression is a mental illness and being an introvert is a personality traits. Unfortunately, for me I go through depression and my personality is of an introvert. How do I know? Apart from being diagnosed… When I am in an ok state of mind I still prefer to be home away from crowds, loudness and don’t seem out social life. When I am depressed forget about it I just crawl up in my cacoon. Depression is like a small human we carry on our back for ever. It sleeps sometimes without bothering you but when it’s awake it gives hell. Depression and being an introvert can have similar symptoms pertaining to being social but as an introvert you can gear up the energy or mentally to do it but when your depressed it doesn’t matter what you do it is what it is. So, I’ve made this huge change in my life I’ve relocated to a different state and I have new people in my life but as an introvert I am struggling and as a person who has depression I am really really struggling. I hate it here I want to go back, reverse time something. Are there any people out there that are introverts and depressed? Are there any depressed individuals? Tell me about it let’s share and help other please comment.

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