Love… It’s so hard to be with someone who is not an introvert. I learned I was an introvert in college and where I met one guy that started out great we had our own little bubble but then he ventured out and wanted to have friends and be social I was not feeling that. I wasn’t into all of that I didn’t know how to make conversation and looked awkward in public. His friends would say “she hasn’t said anything in an hours” or “why can’t you be bubbly” or “you’re boring” things like that. That was a nightmare to deal with. I’ve met others in my life and for the most part I’ve had luck with meeting guys that are pretty much to themselves. I think the hardest part is just finding that balance and the person understanding you have this personality trait. They need to understand that we need amble notice to social events and they need to understand that they are apart of our little introvert bubble and that’s all we need. People in general try to change us and we tend to change into something we are not due to them and we just end up looking awkward. Do we make compromises yes we do but it’s never enough… You went out last week why can’t we just go this week and the next and next ughhhh….. Battery overload! Many introverts just choose to stay alone because they don’t want to deal with that, changing their routine and feel like they’re not good enough. For the most part sounds like anybody can relate to this. Right now… I’m in a situation where I’m with someone I’m not in love with and I don’t know how to say it. This person does everything for me and is the sweetest but I don’t know know why my heart just isn’t in love with him… I love him yes but in love no. I thought I was and was following that feeling until it went away. Can anyone tell me what happened?

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