Today is idk

The day hasn’t been so great today I am getting the symptoms of my menstrual cycle coming and it sucks. My breast feel like bricks, my back feels like breaking crackers, my feet feel like swollen blueberries ,my body feels like I got hit with a car picked up by a helicopter and thrown in the middle of the ocean and had to swim back to civilization. Now my mood is totally something else, I feel angry, excited, anxious, sad, want to cry and no desire to see one more day of life. Now typically I feel like this everyday but it goes in phases through the day right now I feel it all at once. You know I feel like there should be like a magical pond or something that you get one wish in life and it’ll come true; I think we deserve atleast one wish that’ll come true of course there would be conditions. I wish I reverse time to July of 2018. Anybody else has one wish? Comment comment comment

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