Dear Depression

Dear depression,

When you came into my life I didn’t know what to think were you good or were you bad. You showed me the sides of you that you didn’t show anyone else. You were consistent through the years which made me love you and trust that you’ll always be by my side. They say there is a thin line between love and hate yet; you’ve become apart of me. We wake up together, eat together, go through up and downs together and sleep together. Many nights you don’t let me sleep because you want to talk all night which leads into many mornings you want to stay asleep but I have to remind you that we have bills to pay and we have to wake up to work. Your favorite color is black I don’t judge you sometimes you wear other colors to deceive. Your favorite season is fall and you love rain. You love to watch dark shows and binge watch shows. Your favorite foods are burgers and pizza with soda or alcohol. You are a smoker even though I’ve told you that you smoke too much I accept you. You don’t like outdoors, the sun or too much happiness around you it gives you nausea. You love showers of tears and the paint color red and use me as a canvas to draw your pain. You are feisty and love to bite and fight back but you choose my skin to combat. You don’t care about your appearance and that’s ok I never judge you based on that. Many times your cold and say mean things but I know that you’re just tired. You sweat alot and your body always hurts from running up and down so much; I always tell you to relax and breath but you don’t listen to me. What I am trying to tell you is I love you and always will because you’ve been with me everyday and I’ve learned to live with you and you’re flaws. Yet; I hate you because you don’t know me can you describe me the way I’ve described you? You’re selfish and I’ve accepted that but can you accept I am a rose and I want to blossom in the sun and not in the shade you want to be. I never said I’ll leave you and I know you won’t leave me. If you love me and chose me as your partner work with me and let me lead. I’ve shown you I can do that because I get you everything you need. We have similarities we don’t like crowds or loudness, we like to eat and watch t.v but that’s me. Don’t give me an emotion and beat me down on top of it. I’ll take care of you the way you take care of me. Dear Depression I will always love you but I’m still here because I want to learn to love me so that I can learn to love you.

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