The ughh feeling

That feeling of drainage… feeling drained. My eyes feel so dry and sucked in, no energy and everything feels grey. Everything I see around me I see it but It’s still like a picture and yet I feel the breeze or smell nature. I can’t put on a smile today it’s so heavy the bottom part of my face it’s like I have a face mask and my face is stiff. My eyes get watery, I want to cry but no tears come down my face. All these thought go through my head like how, why and wtf is wrong with me ideas and questions. Studies show that introverts have more activity in the brain per second than an extrovert that’s alot to process. Will my brain blow up? My whole life I’ve just felt like I’ve been crawling through crawlspaces and tunnels finding a little water here, a little food there, some shelter from one place to another. I’m not in a crawlspace right now yet my mind still operates like I am.

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