Introverts and jobs continued…

As promised… there are some jobs that introverts can flourish in just because there is little to no communication with people, little to no traffic and it’s just a quiet to yourself environment. The worst is being an introvert and having those social issues at work where it can affect you and even worse havingContinue reading “Introverts and jobs continued…”

Introverts and Jobs

So….. what are the perfect jobs for introverts…. Is there any? Well, coming from someone that has literally done all the jobs in the world I believe the best is to just have your own business. But realistically speaking if you can’t have your own business then what? There are introverts like myself that transformContinue reading “Introverts and Jobs”

Check it out

Wrote this short story called “Feathers of a Free Bird” on Amazon ebooks. Let’s support each other supposedly us introverts don’t enjoy long reads so this is a great read to describe struggles we’ve all faced in it’s simplest form. Link is